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PPC Stands for Pay Per Click, it is a type of internet marketing in which the advertiser has to pay an amount each time their ad is clicked by the user. Search Engine Marketing is the most popular form of PPC. It allows the advertiser to place its ads on different placed & positions available on a Search Engine like Google & Bing. The most effective benefits of Pay Per Click Marketing are- You can get instant results without investing much of your time with PPC campaigns, The PPC ads can be targeted to a high potential and relevant audience which ensures that no money is being wasted in the marketing and the last benefit is you have total control over the region you want to target as with PPC ads you can target audience at multiple levels i.e Country, State, City, Selected Radius, Pin Code etc.

Being a Google Ads Certified company we have expertise on all PPC advertising channels be it search engines such as Google and Bing or social media platforms like- Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest etc. We strive to provide become the best PPC company in Jaipur with our dedicated services and we try to go the extra mile for our clients as client satisfaction is what makes our cheer. Our operational models are quite simple and we have packages for every business irrespective of their size and kind. We believe in work transparency and clear communication which makes us stand out from other companies. Our PPC experts are capable of setting up and optimizing campaigns of any size to ensure that each penny invested results in the great ROI. Being the best PPC company of Jaipur we promise to deliver the highest return on your investments.

PPC Marketing Channels

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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the most popular PPC advertising channel as one can target the potential audience as soon as they search for a product or service on the search engine. Our top-class Google Ads management service is a result of years of research and working with some of the biggest companies in India. Our Google Ads experts create campaigns with techniques which have a proven record of high conversation rates and sales. We also have a streamlined weekly & monthly reporting process setup by which clients can easily access the data from their Google Ads account.

Social Media Platforms

From keeping people connected to allowing them to shop from across the world, Social Media platforms have become the necessity of one’s life. This gives us access to a lot of audiences around the world which can be targeted through Social Media Ads depending on their interests and demographics. Social Media Platforms provide a much easier way to target potential audience through different ad types which can be made engaging by infusing creativity. Our experienced team has a lot of creative heads which excel in engaging the audience on social media through different ad types.

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How Our PPC Experts Do It

PPC campaigns setup and optimization requires hands-on experience as getting a campaign ready for delivering the best ROI needs a lot of practical expertise. Our PPC experts are Google certified & have a huge experience in managing Google Ads campaign at all levels i.e locally to international markets. We have trained our PPC experts to understand the business of clients and create a strategy which suits its market type in a way that the campaigns deliver the best results. Hire us, the best PPC Management Company in Jaipur for search engine marketing and we promise to deliver the best.

Market & Competitor Research

Market & Competitor Research

When a client comes on board, our PPC experts perform a market and competitor research to understand how the target market for the client and how the competitors are doing on different search engine platforms. The research is shared with the clients to make them understand the market well.

Marketing Channel Selection

Marketing Channel Selection

Based on the research, Our experts choose the best suitable PPC marketing channel for the client’s business. Choosing the right channel is one of the most important part of Digital Marketing, we have to be very clear on the goals while choosing a channel.

Creating Marketing Strategy

Creating Marketing Strategy

Once the PPC channel is finalized we work on creating a marketing strategy on how to target the potential customers. The strategy is made by going through many factors related to the target audience like Demographics, Gender, Location, Age, Interest etc.

Conversion Tracking Setup

Conversion Tracking Setup

Conversion tracking setup in PPC is important to measure the effectiveness of the campaign. We set up proper tracking on client’s website so that each and every action of the visitors coming through PPC ads can be tracked properly and we can show the clear numbers in the reports.

Campaign Launch

Campaign Launch

Once all these steps are completed we proceed with launching the campaign(s). The PPC campaigns are monitored regularly by our experts and optimization work is done from time to time to ensure the campaigns perform well. We have a list of parameters through which we evaluate the performance.

Weekly & Monthly Reporting

Weekly & Monthly Reporting

We believe in transparency in work hence we have a predefined format of graphical weekly & monthly reports which our experts present to clients accordingly and give a brief on the performance of the campaigns. Being clear in our work strengthens our relationship with our clients.

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Our Credentials

We are the Experts. We are a Google Certified Marketing Agency!

Google Ads Certified

We demonstrate our mastery in building and optimizing Google Ads campaigns. We are advanced Google Ads users and certified professionals for PPC advertising.

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Google Analytics Certified

A true marketer breathes on the data and we are experts in it. We have the competency of using the Google Analytics tool and taking important decisions based on the data.

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Google My Business

We are the specialists in creating and optimizing Google My Business listings. We help businesses to attract new customers through Google Maps & Search.

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