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Whether it’s the TV commercial that you saw last night or the banner next to your lane, it’s all content in different formats. But why do marketers emphasise the content so much? Because no matter what kind of marketing methodology you use, it needs to be backed up with strong content.

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And that’s the same with mobile app marketing as well. If you want to successfully market your app, reach your target audience, and then touch the right chords so that they download as well as keep using your app, you need an effective content marketing strategy for each level of your buyer’s journey.

However, if you think that a content strategy is just about creating content, then you’re highly mistaken. A content strategy is less about creating relevant and engaging content and more about promoting it effectively. After all, there’s no point in creating dozens of content unless your audience engages with it, right?

Content marketing services is a strategic approach to creating and promoting various content types to promote a brand. The content that you create and share should be relevant to what you do. The more effective content you create and share, the more people get to know about your brand and the more leads you generate.

The experts here at Social Trends will help you create a robust content marketing strategies  that will drive your business towards a more progressive digital path that will help you achieve your goals.

We aim at creating content that either educates your audience or solves a problem. None would like to read something that just blatantly promotes a service or a product. Create content that touches the right chord so that people would actually engage with your brand.

Content Marketing Benefits That We Offer


Brand awareness is crucial, even if you’re just an app. People will only download and use your app when they will know about, and that’s where content marketing services  helps. Content marketing allows you to promote your app by telling your target audience about it.


Your target audience has a problem, and you have a solution to it, but how will you tell people about the solution that you provide? Your content. Create content that solves the problem of your customers and educate them on how your product or service can help.


Trust is an important factor when it comes to convincing people to buy something. None likes to put money on something that they don’t trust. And content marketing  services can help your brand create trust between you and your audience. By creating and sharing useful content, you establish a sense of trust, and that allows your audience to get converted into your customers.


This is simple: the more people know about your brand, the more leads you generate. And as content marketing is an important way of creating awareness, it can be a great source of generating leads and hence making more sales. Furthermore, the conversion rate of content marketing is six times greater than that of other advertising approaches, and it gives four times more return on investment than any other advertising approach.


Your app needs to get a constant flow of users to survive.

When you keep sharing relevant content on your app website, you give your audience a reason to keep coming back, which means more engagement rates. Here are some tips for creating content that boosts engagement-

  • Use short and crisp paragraphs.
  • Add relevant visuals to it.
  • Write like you’re talking and try not to use jargon or technical terms.
  • Use headings and subheads to simplify the content structure.
  • Add a CTA so that your audience knows what to do next.


It’s not a matter of surprise that search engines can be a great source of visitors and leads, even if it’s about an app. Through keywords, one can easily target a highly specific audience segment that is more likely to get converted.

Some people are using search engines to find solutions, and you don’t want to lose those customers, right? Well, content marketing, along with SEO, is your only solution here. Create content that is SEO and try to rank higher in the SERP. However, to rank higher, you need to build quality backlinks for your website.


You might have a bunch of competitors who are already solving the same issues as you do. So how to beat those competitors and stand out? Chances are not the majority of your competitors are leveraging content marketing, and that’s where you can stand out. Use content marketing to create a brand name in the industry, establish credibility, and of course, make people trust in your brand. All theses together can quickly help your app stand out.


You can’t go with any content marketing strategy if you don’t know how your target audience is. You need to specify your audience so that you can showcase your content only to those who don’t need it. Suppose, your content is for females between the age group 16-30 and your content is being shown to men of 60+, will there be any engagement? No.

We will assist you in understanding who your target audience is and where you can find them. Once you get to know about your audience, you can easily create the content of their interest. Moreover, it will also become easy for you to reach your audience as you already know where you can contact them.