Tools to Help you with Work From Home During Lockdown

It’s close to 2 months since the announcement of a nationwide Lockdown was made. People are locked inside their houses, the economy is sinking, and life has become monotonous. However, the lockdown has brought in a wave of the digital revolution with plenty of private companies, educational institutes, and various industries using online tools to make things more convenient. 

Schools and colleges are focusing on taking classes through video calls, sharing assignments via online channels. Meanwhile, organizations are busy looking for tools that can track working hours, create an easier space for sharing ideas & project progresses, having virtual meetings, etc. Well, in this time of crisis, we are here with our share of research. We’ve curated a list of tools that can help you in easing the work from home burden during this lockdown period. Read on to know about the tools.

  1. Google Suite 

Google suite is one of the best tools that can come in handy. A set of productivity tools powered by Google offering tools like Sheet, Docs, Drive, Gmail, etc. with unlimited storage, shared calendars, and multiple-user access. Remotely working teams can store & share multiple files online allowing other people to access the suite and work efficiently. Moreover, Google is now providing a free upgrade to the G-Suite.   

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2. Slack 

Offering collaboration services, Slack can be used to establish non-interfering communications with individual co-workers or manage groups. The tool can be used for creating particular sections for discussions, maintaining a chat history for easier recalls, and collaborate with your team effortlessly from different locations.  

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3. Trello

Recognized as one of the best project management apps, Trello allows users to manage projects and cards easily. The platform offers liberty to use a combination of text, images, emojis, or file attachments altogether. It can be used to make project management easy & efficient from remote places.  

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4. Microsoft Office 365

Offering similar features of the Google Suites, Microsoft Office 365 is a combination of tools including email, docs, ppt, excels. Just like the G-Suite, Office 365 allows you to share files and projects with your co-workers online and establish better communication with them while allowing them to view or edit the documents you share. 


Zoom has been garnering a lot of attention from businesses around the world. Offering the liberty to connect with multiple people at once over video calls, the tool comes in handy for organizing team meetings. The tool is available on a free-to-use basis and can be used to team discussions, project stats & other stuff over video conference meetings. 

6.Google Hangouts

The Google suite not only offers storage and admin tools but also has communication tools on offer. The Google Hangout of this suite can be used for communicating with your team or co-workers easily. The tool allows people to have individual communications, create groups, arrange meetings via video calls or voice calls. You can fetch contacts from the phone book on your device, or the people you connect with through emails. Just add them to your Hangout contact list, and you are good to go.  


The most popular communication tool available in the market. Skype has been ruling the communications market ever since it was introduced. A one-of-its-kind application that offers various modes of communication in one place. The tool can be used for one-to-one communications, group discussion, video or voice meetings, calendar sharing, and even calling. The best part of the tool is easy access to the international market, ease-of-use, and smooth navigation.  

8.Meeting Owl

Customer service has become an essential part of our lives as well as the success of a business. People are skeptical in dealing with businesses that do not offer customer support to the users. Now, with the nationwide lockdown offices are shut, leaving the customer support industry to suffer. Meeting Owl is one of the best telepresence tools that can help you build up your brand’s presence in these tough times.  


The biggest challenge that stands in front of HRs and business owners is how to keep a track of their employees’ working hours. Thus, to make things easier, the Toggle tool can be used as a tools to help you with work from home Offered on a free-to-use basis, Toggl is a tracking tool that helps you informed regarding the time taken for the execution of a particular task. 


Similar to Toggl, this tool also allows people to track their working hours. However, there’s more to it. Timely not only allows you to track the time taken for completing a certain task or scheduling calendars but also offers you the liberty to convert time tracked into billable items. The tool has built-in automatic reminders and messaging that comes in handy for the remote workers. 

Wrapping Up

Though things seem quite difficult in context to the present scenarios, they are going to improve eventually. Moreover, looking at the feasibility and productivity of employees working from people there are chances of companies considering work from home as a new policy in the coming times. So, for current situations as well as future considerations, the above-mentioned tools can not only make things easier but also efficient. Try these tools to Help you with Work From Home for yourself and let us know which one of these are you finding the best. 

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