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Trusted Social Media Marketing Services to Take your Business to the Next Level

Leading social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn have vast potential to help businesses find potential customers and drive sales, and profit. Getting professional assistance is the right way to leverage the fullest potential of these social platforms to drive the growth of your business. Social Trendzz helps you target those platforms that accommodate most of your target customers with powerful strategies. We provide world-class social media management services driven by a solid strategy, to businesses of all sizes be they small, enterprise, or established brands. We create and run your social media campaign with a defined goal and among your target customers to increase leads, conversion, and sales.

Strategy Development

Defining the goals, target audience, and approach for a social media marketing campaign.

Content Creation and Management

Developing and scheduling engaging, relevant content to be posted on social media channels.

Analytics and Optimization

Measuring the success of a social media marketing campaign and making data-driven adjustments to improve performance.

Why Social Media for Business

We target different channels to target multiple platforms to match the diversified needs of our clients.

4.74 Billion

People use social media across the world


1 billion monthly active users

2 Hours and 28 Minutes

People an average time on social media platforms


2.93 billion monthly active users

$268+ Billion

Social media ad spending is projected to reach 2023


755 million users

$79.28 Billion

Social video advertising is expected to reach in 2024.


238 million daily active users

Our Services

What Our Social Media Marketing Services Include

Facebook Advertising Services

We at Social Trendzz, a social media marketing company, assist businesses to boost brand awareness by running a Facebook campaign aligned with your business goal. Our experts help you drive more customers to your business.

LinkedIn Marketing Services

Our experts set up a LinkedIn campaign and run it successfully while ensuring its reach among the targeted audience. We help you connect with your potential customers to grab opportunities to increase leads, conversion, and sales.

Instagram Marketing Services

With us, you can harness the power of Instagram to attract more followers for your business. Our social media experts create the targeted campaign to boost your brand engagement and also improve the visibility of your Instagram account.

YouTube Marketing Services

Video advertising is on the rise of late and many businesses already benefit from this. At Social Trendzz, our social media marketing services help you target YouTube to grow your business. We create and advertise videos on YouTube.

Pinterest Marketing Services

Pinterest has a vast potential to help the business grow by achieving its goal. We render Pinterest marketing services to help your business increase vast traffic to your website and increase sales by drawing the attention of more people with different interests.

Twitter Marketing Services

Twitter is one of the best platforms to find potential customers and grow business. No matter what type of business you run, we help you boost your business through our best-in-class Twitter marketing services.

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Explore Social Media Advertising Service Plans


  • Seo Services

    20% of ad spend / month

  • Seo Services

    Standard consultation & reporting plan

  • Seo Services

    Up to 2 networks included

  • Seo Services

    Up to 8 advertising campaigns

  • Seo Services

    Up to 2 consultations per month

  • Seo Services

    50K initial investment


  • Seo Services

    18% of ad spend / month

  • Seo Services

    Standard consultation & reporting plan

  • Seo Services

    Up to 3 networks included

  • Seo Services

    Up to 10 advertising campaigns

  • Seo Services

    Up to 4 consultations per month

  • Seo Services

    70K initial investment

Detailed Reporting

We send you a detailed report of even every small performance of a campaign and help you know how beneficial the campaign is for your business.

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Know about the basics of Digital Marketing.

What is social media advertising?
Social media advertising is a method of promoting products or services through various social media platforms, using paid ads and targeting specific audiences to generate leads, sales, and brand awareness.
How does targeting work in social media advertising?
Targeting in social media advertising involves selecting specific audience segments based on demographics, interests, behaviors, and other factors, enabling businesses to reach potential customers more effectively.
What are the benefits of social media advertising?
Benefits of social media advertising include increased brand exposure, higher conversion rates, cost-effectiveness, precise audience targeting, and access to valuable data and insights for performance improvement.
How much does social media advertising cost?
Social media advertising costs vary depending on factors such as platform, target audience, ad format, and campaign objectives. Businesses can typically set a budget for ad spend and adjust it based on performance and goals.
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