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How to Identify and Avoid Instagram Hashtags Banned ?

Instagram is a powerful platform for increase your reach and engaging with your audience. However, one misstep that can severely impact your account’s visibility and growth is the use of banned hashtags. These Instagram hashtags can cause your posts to be hidden or flagged, reducing your engagement and potentially leading to penalties from Instagram. In this blog, we’ll explore how to identify and avoid banned hashtags to keep your account safe and thriving.

What Are Banned Hashtags?

Banned hashtags are specific tags that Instagram has flagged for various reasons, such as not related content, spam, or misuse. When you use these hashtags, your posts may not appear in searches, and your engagement can drop automatically. Instagram periodically updates its list of banned Instagram hashtags to maintain a safe and positive community environment.

Why Are Hashtags Banned?

Hashtags can be banned for multiple reasons, including:

  • Irrelevant content: Tags associated with explicit or offensive material.
  • Spam: Tags that have been overused or linked to spammy content.
  • Misuse: Tags that are frequently misused by users to gain visibility unfairly.

How Many Types of Instagram Banned Hashtags?

There are two main types of banned hashtags:

  1. Permanently Banned Hashtags: These hashtags are prohibited indefinitely due to their association with inappropriate, offensive, or harmful content. Using them can lead to serious penalties, including shadow banning or account suspension. Examples include hashtags related to explicit content, illegal activities, or promoting counterfeit goods.
  2. Temporarily Banned Hashtags: These are banned for a specific period, often because they have been reported by users for misuse or inappropriate content. These bans can affect the visibility and reach of your posts while in effect. Identifying temporarily banned hashtags can be challenging, as their status can change frequently.

Using banned hashtags can significantly reduce the visibility and engagement of your posts. In severe cases, it can result in your account being shadow banned, where your content becomes invisible to anyone who doesn’t already follow you. Continual use of such hashtags can also lead to account suspension​.

Here are some examples of permanently banned hashtags as of 2024:

  • General and Inappropriate Content: #abdl, #assday, #beautyblogger, #dating, #dm, #fuck, #kissing, #milf, #nasty, #pornfood
  • Illegal Activities: #weedforsale, #blackmarketguns
  • Promoting Counterfeit Products: #fakenike, #replicawatches

To avoid using banned hashtags, regularly check Instagram’s community guidelines and use tools like Meta Hashtags’ Banned Hashtag Checker. Additionally, using a mix of popular and niche-specific hashtags relevant to your content can help maximize your reach without risking penalties​

How to Identify Banned Hashtags?

Identifying banned hashtags can be challenging, but there are several methods to help you stay updated:

  1. Manual Check:- Search for the hashtag on Instagram, If the hashtag is banned, you will see a message indicating that recent posts with this hashtag are hidden because it has been reported multiple times.
  2. Instagram Banned Hashtags Checker:- Use online tools designed to check for banned hashtags. These tools can quickly scan your list of hashtags and flag any that are banned.
  3. Updated banned Instagram Hastags Lists:- Regularly consult updated banned hashtags Instagram lists available online. Many websites and forums keep an updated record of banned hashtags, which can be a valuable resource.

How to Avoid Banned Hashtags?

Avoiding banned hashtags is crucial to maintaining your account’s health and visibility. Here are some strategies to help you steer clear of them:

  1. Stay Updated:- Regularly check for updates on banned hashtags in Instagram. The list can change frequently, so staying informed is essential.
  2. Use Trusted Sources:- Utilize reliable Instagram banned hashtags checkers and lists from reputable sources. This ensures you are using accurate information.
  3. Diversify Your Hashtags:- Avoid relying on a fixed set of hashtags. Diversify your hashtag strategy to reduce the risk of using banned tags.
  4. Monitor Engagement:- Keep an eye on your post engagement. A sudden drop could indicate the use of a banned hashtag. If this happens, review your hashtags immediately.
  5. Follow Instagram Guidelines:- Adhere to Instagram’s community guidelines and best practices. Using appropriate and relevant hashtags that align with Instagram’s policies will keep your account in good standing.

How to find the Right Hashtags for Your Instagram Post?

Finding the right hashtags for your Instagram posts is crucial for maximizing visibility and engagement. Start by understanding your audience and researching relevant keywords to capture their interests. Utilize hashtag research tools and Instagram Insights to find popular and niche hashtags that align with your content. Balance between using widely popular hashtags and more specific ones to reach a broader yet engaged audience. Regularly check hashtag performance and adjust your strategy accordingly. Stay current with trends and events, incorporating trending and event-specific hashtags when appropriate.

Avoid using banned hashtags by checking with an Instagram banned hashtags checker tool. Additionally, consider creating branded hashtags to foster community engagement and brand loyalty. By following these steps, you can effectively leverage hashtags to increase the reach and impact of your Instagram posts.


Instagram’s ever-evolving list of banned hashtags can be tricky, but it’s crucial for maintaining your account’s health and increases your engagement. By regularly checking for banned hashtags, using reliable tools like an Instagram banned hashtags checker, and following Instagram’s guidelines, you can effectively avoid the pitfalls associated with banned hashtags. Stay informed and proactive to ensure your Instagram strategy remains effective and compliant.


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