Content Length is a Ranking Factor for your Website

Okay, let’s imagine a person wants to start or is starting a business, and he found a guide that has all the tips, tricks, situations, solutions, etc, and another one which contains just a small intro on how to start a business what do you think what he will choose.
Well, according to us he will go with the first one and read the long content.
Short-form content and long-form content, both are important and serve a different purpose for your site.
If you want to know which form will work for you, we are here to help you.
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Enough about us , Let’s dive into why you need long-term content.

  • It Improves the search engine rankings
  • It increases the time spent on your page
  • It increases ‌engagement and more social shares 
  • It gives you the ability to link out more, which creates more partnerships and referral relationships.
  • It gives you the ability to provide more educational content to your audience, which helps in building trust.
  • It offers more backlink opportunities to build trust in ‌search engines.

Benefits of Long-form Content

Long-form content ranks higher in Google organic search results compared to short-form content. This is true for most businesses and websites unless you are a mega brand with a high domain rating.
In a study conducted by SEMrush 
Google ranking factors study, content ranking in the top 3 positions in Google is 45% longer than ‌content ranking in position 20 on average.

In a different study by SEMrush of 700,000+ articles, it was concluded that articles with 3,000+ words generate 3X more traffic and 3.5X more backlinks.

Valuable to Readers
Long-form content creates more value for readers. They tend to gain more knowledge and a broader perspective.
For example, the case of Wait but Why, a popular blog that publishes long-form content on several interesting topics, most of which go viral.
The long-form content helps the reader learn more.

Link Building
It contains several links to external articles published on the internet. The linking aids the link-building efforts of the publishers who have published the interlinked articles. To boost their linking efforts, they further shared the parent article on social media.

Also, long-form content filled with valuable information persuades people to share it. There is a higher likelihood that people will share something on social media that they find to be useful or trustworthy.
According to Moz, the search engine giant did research on more than one million articles and found that “long-form content consistently gets higher average shares and significantly higher average links.”

Boost conversion
In the end, all this is done to increase leads and make deals right?
Long-form content gives you an opportunity to present your all angles to a potential customer. It also gives you the space to place the right CTAs in the right place.

Types of long-form Content

  • Case study – A professional write-up of a happy client, showcasing the struggle and solution your brand provided. White paper – a long-form blog article that serves as an in-depth resource or solution.
  • E-Book – A ‌downloadable piece of content that typically solves a long-term problem or is a step-by-step guide.
  • Definitive guide – a downloadable resource for a tutorial or walkthrough to a solution.
  • Annual year in review – A blog article or newsletter in which you post your brand’s growth and challenges annually. 
  • Roundups and reviews – Lists of referral partners or resources you use and can review for your audience.
  • Brochures or datasheets – These are easy ways to communicate large amounts of data. It can come in the form of slide decks, one-pagers or infographics, to help your audience understand your services or products.


Long-form content has a lot of benefits, but it doesn’t mean you should just write anything to increase the length, the content you write should add value to your reader.

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