5 Quick and Actionable Tips to Increase Website Traffic

What is Organic Traffic?

The unpaid traffic that comes to your site from search engines like google, yahoo, bing is termed organic traffic.
For instance, if you googled digital marketing agencies in Jaipur, you will probably see Social Trendzz as a top-ranking website. Now research says traffic brought to B2B and technology companies generate twice as much revenue from organic search than any other channel.

Let’s dive into some tips on how you can increase organic traffic for your website.

Tips and tricks to increase your Website Traffic Organically

So many have told you that improve your content, Well that goes without unsaying that Write Better Content!
But relax we have some other tried and tested tips in our bag for you.

Boost on Social Media

Blow your own trumpet, you should post the link of your blogs on your brands and on your personal social media like Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram for that matter even on WhatsApp. But don’t bombard them every time, your aunt might be interested in a good morning message more than your site’s link.

Helpful title tag and meta tag

A title tag and meta tag has the power to convert a potential reader to a website visitor, you might want to put a lot of effort into it.
If you optimize these two components well you can drive more people to click on your page, which leads to an increase in organic traffic.
For your title tag try to keep it within 60 characters and integrate your core keyword at the front, so search engines and searchers know your listing is relevant. Make your title tag easy but helpful.
For your meta description try to keep it down to 160 characters. Put your core keyword into the meta description, and try to make sure that it provides your audience with insight into what to expect on your page.

Optimize Blogosphere

It is like giving something and receiving something place. You can read, comment, or link to other people’s sites and blogs, mostly to those operating in your niche, and they’ll hopefully read, comment, or link to yours, helping you attract more prospects.

Write Blogs

Bummer- A bad quality blog can do more harm than a good quality blog can do good.
So don’t just write blogs, write quality blogs and if possible do it consistently.

A tip- write blogs that solve problems, give solutions, how-to-do’s related to your niche. Writing blogs can bring you enormous benefits in terms of traffic and credibility. Touch the pain point of your customers, the more time they spent on your site the more search engine ranks you.
If this is overwhelming, don’t be- We, a search engine optimization company can help you with it.

Check what’s Working Out

We have often heard you do your part and don’t worry about results.
But Hey! Worry about results.
Make good use of data and metrics. Use tools like Google Analytics to track your site’s visitors.
For example, if your mobile visitors are not even spending the bare minimum time on your website that probably means your site is not well optimized for mobile. We can give you countless examples of why studying, analyzing, and more importantly working on results matter.

Hope these tips help you in increasing your website traffic, to be honest, if you want faster results you can always go for paid options but for long-term benefits organic search is important, and putting genuine efforts into it is worth it. 

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