5 SEO Tips to Increase Your eCommerce Business Sales

Pandemic has changed the way we shop. It has turned the world upside down and so, now is the correct movement to boost your sales on an E-Commerce platform.

Wisely speaking if it was not for the pandemic, people would still prefer buying physically which means going to the store and purchasing because it gives the satisfaction of feeling something and owning something. But in current times eCommerce accounts for $4.88 trillion in global sales. This gives much more reason to increase sales through eCommerce.

If you are someone who is not aware of SEO even a tiny bit, then we suggest you take SEO services from some digital marketing agencies. But if you are slightly aware of it and want to increase your sales give this article a read and increase your eCommerce sales.

It’s not easy to bring sales from the screen but cheer up, this article will solve your problem and provide you with effective solutions.

Below are 5 SEO TIPS that will help you get started and bring sales to your eCommerce business.

  1. Prioritize User Experience
    When a person comes to your site make sure they stick to it and it’s easy for them to use. An indicator of good UX(user experience) is a low bounce rate, and a high average of ‘time spent on page’ – these are all things Google takes into consideration when determining SERP rankings.
  2. Keywords are the Key
    According to a report by HubSpot, Google processes 63,000 queries per second on average, which translates to 3.8 million strategies per minute. For a platform keen on providing each user with the best results, keywords play a key role.

    Remember every search on google related to your niche is a business opportunity for you. To rank on google you need to have a good strategy to plan your keywords. Researching the top and best performing keywords in your niche and building great content around them will help you increase your visibility to the Google algorithm. 

    You can use or wordtracker to find the most popular keywords in your business. Give this step the time it deserves, after thorough research, If you are targeting local languages, ensure that the translations and spelling are to the point, so use native-speaking translators and don’t blindly rely on Google translation!
  3. Leverage Social Media
    We know you have heard this a lot, but we can not emphasize this enough. In these current times when people are socializing more on-screen meets than on real meet, it is important to reach them there. Social media gives you a chance to build relationships with your potential and existing clients. Every share of thoughts about you and your brand is free advertising for you -Go for it!
  4. Make it Mobile Friendly
    According to Statista around 50% of web traffic is derived from mobile users. Earlier search engines ranked web pages based on desktop sites, but now search engines rank web pages on the basis of mobile-friendliness, so if you want to rank on search engines, optimize your site for mobile users.

    Note you can check on Google’s mobile-friendly test if your site is completely mobile-friendly or not.
  5. Catch them Again with the Ads
    When someone searches your site or lands on your site, make sure you encourage them to visit again. Strategize your advertising plan by PPC marketing agency in such a way that you bring your page visitors back to your site and push forward them to the next stage in your funnel. 

    A systematic remarketing plan helps you send the right message to the right kind of people. And people who come through remarketing have twice as many chances to convert.

    Also, if you are an amateur in ads, try learning from some courses or hire a digital marketing agency to do that for you to utilize your money and potential clients well. 


Establishing the right strategies in the right form will help you increase the visibility of your eCommerce business, and ultimately bring you sales. For better results combine these 5 tips and bring your potential buyers to you. And the most important tip- Stay Consistent! it’s not a one-time thing.

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