How Fresh Content Can Help In Your Website Google Ranking?

Whenever our content writers write any content; either it is B2B or B2C, they try their level best to write informative, 100% unique, updated, fact-based, easy-to-understand, and fresh content!

Yes, fresh content. Probably you are confused because you haven’t heard the term fresh content before. Does that mean there is no freshness in the content over the internet?

Okay, let’s ask another question!

Do you compare your content with the competitors’ content? Does a search engine like Google Chrome consider the freshness of content as a ranking factor?

Can fresh content rank you better in the organic search results? What is the take of any leading SEO services company on content freshness? Is content really the king of good times on the internet?

How would you answer all these questions? Have no clue? Then don’t worry! Just dive in and understand – content freshness as a ranking factor.

How Fresh Content Is A Ranking Factor?

Content + Keywords rank your site. This Is true!

However, if you use fresh keywords, trending keywords, and write content pieces that are latest, then all together, your content is called Fresh Content.

In other words, recently made not decaying content is Fresh Content!

This depends on the topic, industry, niche you chose, and how you want to market it. But, the problem is to define the fresh content’s time period.

Think about this blog post, how fresh is this article? Are you reading this blog post the day it got published? Or a week later, A year later? Is it still “fresh”?

Is brand new content fresh? Does content freshness depend on trending topics? Does updating old content make it new, fresh? Can you decide if the user search query is fresh or stale? How do the top SEO service companies treat content?

NOTE: Answers to these questions decide the freshness of content!

What Does Google Say About Content Freshness?

On November 3, 2011, Google announced its search engine ranking improvement algorithm. As per it, “Varying degrees of freshness on the internet gives more up-to-date, relevant results to the searchers.”

Google uses QDF – Query Deserves Freshness to serve information to the users. According to this, fresh content refers to Frequent content updates, Recent topics or events, Regularly recurring events such as Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday, death day, etc.

Now, as per the GSQRG – Google’s Search Quality Rating Guidelines on October 14, 2020, Google defined the types of content queries always in demand of Fresh information. Those are News, Event queries, Informational queries, Product queries, and more. This is why FAQs are very important as they always remain fresh.

Finally, Google’s definition of Content Freshness states that –

If a new thing adds in the previous things, then the content must be updated. That’s because, for some queries, older content serves well, and for some queries, updated content. And for many, a single-time written content serves better!

Now, the question is –

Should You Update Your Old Content to Influence Rankings?

Simply changing the blogpost title from 2021 to 2022 without any other change in the original written content, actually makes no sense at all. Google completely ignores these changes!

Online content with fewer changes over time, ranks lower than the content that got good informational updates in it!

As a result, content with a high amount of content updated over time has a strong chance to rank well. That’s due to the improved crawl frequency because large content changes increase crawling and organic rank/traffic.

Content with rapid updates and the latest changes lets the webpage get higher crawl frequency and better keyword rankings. That’s why Content Auditing and Content Analysis play a critical role in every top SEO service provider company.

Content Is King & Freshness Is A Real Ranking Factor!

We have already discussed everything about the content, Google’s algorithm, its guidelines, and the need to update content periodically. We now know that fresh, recent, and latest information-rich content with the trending usage of keywords helps to boost your website rank.

Today there are multiple reasons to keep your content new and lively. Therefore, updating the content for better marketing and awareness can be very helpful to create a brand image for your online business.

Content freshness is proportional to the content quality. The better you write and present, the more engaging it becomes. Updating your content weekly or monthly is the best practice as it creates value among your audience, customers, and clients.

Finally, we can say Content is King and Freshness is now a relevant Ranking Factor on Google search engine! If you want to know more about enterprise project management software development, get in touch with our experts over a 30-min free consultation call!

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